Eye Need

Every pair has a purpose!

Eye Fashion

Building the perfect accessory to your wardrobe! eyeglasses should never be left out

You Matter

We always put your fashion desires and needs at the forefront of the our process!

What makes us different?

Lens Materials

Tired of subpar optics and lenses that loosen, or worse crack and fail over time? We offer glass, trivex, and high index 1.60 materials as our standard! These materials offer outstanding durability, dimensional stability, and optics. Plastic and poly need not apply. 

Independent Eyewear

Looking for a different take on eyewear? Our independent brands offer styling and quality you won't find with any other brand, and are selected to bring an entirely new look to Chattanooga residents! You won't find these brands in other stores in town!

Natural Horn Frames

Looking for a completely one of a kind frame made from natural and renewable materials? Look no further! Horn eyewear made from natural water buffalo horn meets all of the above, and looks great while doing it! Aries Horn frames are hand selected for the finest appearance with the utmost attention to detail.

Vuarnet Sunglasses

Sunglasses by Vuarnet are our specialty! Come by and check out the collection. We have everything from the James Bond classic Glacier, to the Legend 03 worn by "The Dude". All Vaurnet come stock with glass lenses, and are made in france!

All Lenses aren't the same

We always offer the latest in lens technology, in the best materials avaialble to us. In order to save you the trouble of worrying about whether you're really getting a quality product. The owner hand picks each frame for the store, and selects lens designs based entirely on your personal needs. If you've ever had a pair of glasses that was "ok" but never felt quite right, you understand the difference this can make.