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Services Offered

Prescription glasses on a table

In home Private Showing/Fitting of Eyewear

Looking for a truly special experience? Bring a curated fashion eyewear show into your home or on the go! We can bring a refined selection of eyewear, just for you, into your home for try-on, fitting, and purchase. Want to make it a full event and have a few friends over? No problem! With a few basic questions and a few pictures we can bring a great selection of eyewear into your home for you and your family/friends to choose from! All fitting and ordering can be done, and glasses delivered to your home for final fit and adjustment! Book online at the appointments tab, and we'll call/email for the rest of the details and to confirm! These are typically scheduled for Monday and Sunday, but other arrangements can be made.

Repair Services

Having trouble with your current glasses? In town for a meeting and now they're in pieces? Drop in and see if we're able to assist. We can do a wide variety of repairs in house including restoring the luster on your own older frames, and replacing lenses!

Eyewear Fitting/Adjustments

Are your glasses slipping down, crooked, or just plain out of whack? Drop in and see us! Our expert optician is familiar with a wide range of eyewear materials, and what is needed to get them fitting properly! Available for home/workplace service within 3 miles of downtown.

Vuarnet Prescription Sun Glasses

Looking for a perfect pair of sunglasses, and tired of being told those cool lenses in the frames can't be made for your RX? No isn't something we have to say often, and with a vendor like Vuarnet, they can make almost all of their lenses in a wide range of prescriptions! If they turn it down, we have other avenues to get as close as possible.

Finding difficulty with your current progressive lenses?

Finding the perfect progressive or alternative for your specific needs can be a daunting task. Let us make the process easy! We'll ask some questions about your lifestyle, and what tasks you're having difficult with in order to make a better recommendation and help you achieve comfortable vision in all situations!

Exclusive Eyewear collections

We carry a wide variety of eyewear lines, and are always changing out what's available. Drop in any time to see the latest in fashion eyewear, and find that perfect pair of glasses before they're gone! Each line we bring in will be available only at our shop within Chattanooga, so you won't stumble across these just anywhere!

Porsche Design P'8478 Sunglasses 40Y anniversary kit

Fashion Eyewear

Just like our slogan, Eye Fashion is absolutely what we do. A play on words of high fashion and eyewear fashion. Our staff is adept in finding a frame to work with any wardrobe style, and with our large variety of eyewear, any occasion and desire for any face can easily be met. 

Specialty Glasses

Do you have a difficult time with certain tasks armed even with new glasses? One pair is rarely the ultimate solution. Even something as perfectly crafted as a Ferrari isn't suited for all situations you face everyday. Finding a pair of do it all glasses can be done, but there will always be compromises in doing so! We'll make you aware of what you're compromising and how we can do something about it! Everything from office glasses, to driving glasses can be optimized in this way!

Customized Lenses

Tired of feeling off every time you switch glasses? Every pair of lenses we use is personalized, whether it's a general use or a task specific pair, we take customization measurements for each frame and how it fits on you. This allows the lenses to be adapted so that the prescription you're given is working it's best in the position your glasses actually fit in! Many skip this step for optimized lenses, or aren't even aware of it as a possibility. These measurements are easily done wrong as well, and our expert staff is more than capable of ensuring it's done correctly every time! This ensures you the sharpest vision, over the largest area possible, and the most comfortable time switching between multiple pairs! 

Children's Glasses

Our children's collection is one to be truly admired! All hand crafted frames designed by an optician in New York along with his son's help! We took this a step further, and the owner's daughter, who is a 7 year old fashionista, hand picked the entirety of our children's selection! Glasses for kids, by kids.