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Harry Potter's Glasses! Savile Row Eyewear!

Not to brag, but we've joined hands with the company that makes the original Harry Potter glasses, and now offer these along with their other frames (many of which have been made famous over the years) in our store! Handmade in London, this is simply as good as it gets. 

Transitions Mirrors and Mirrored Photochromic lenses!

Have you heard about reflective light variable lenses? These are a great way to have a top notch outdoor lens, that can also be worn inside, or just something to make a statement no other pair of glasses can! Simply put, these are worth owning a pair of!

Lenses For My Frame?

Have the perfect frame you adore? Or just want to expand your collection and your prescription has changed? Get a new pair if you wish, and update the old pair too! Or, just update the frame you have with a good polish and put in some new lenses! No good frame should be just thrown away!

What Lens Material Should I Choose?

Have you ever wondered what your lenses are actually made of, and what difference that makes? This video is for you! We'll dive into a little bit of the differences of several of the most common (and a few uncommon) lens materials out there!

How To Restore Faded Plastic Glasses

Interested in learning how to bring your glasses back to life? While I can certainly take care of it for you for a small fee, I know we all love the accomplishment of a great DIY restoration, so here's some tips if you want to try this yourself! Polish Glasses to restore their beautiful luster!

Polarized Vs Tinted Lenses

Are you shopping for new sunglasses, but unsure if you really need to pay the extra for polarized lenses? We'll go over that, and use Vuarnet's options as examples of why.

How to choose sunglasses lens color

Every base color has its own set of advantages, those can be changed and enhanced or reduced with different mirror coatings as well! This video dives deep into it all of those changes!

What Size Should My New Glasses Be

Possibly one of the single most important factors of getting new glasses or sunglasses is how well they fit. Poorly fitting glasses can often be fixed with adjustments, but poorly sized has no hope. This video will get you started in the right direction

How Should My Glasses Fit on My Nose

Have you ever had a pair of glasses that just never fit right, always left marks on your nose and no matter what adjustments were done, they just weren't comfortable? Chances are, this was the problem. The Nose always Knows!

How To Adjust Nose Pads On Glasses!!!

Nose pads, Nose Pieces, Nose bobs, Thingamaboppers. Whatever you call them, here are some  basic tips to help relieve that pain you feel in your nose from your glasses! Metal frames in particular!

Tired of Slipping Glasses? I've got you Covered!

Often glasses slipping down comes back to the core adjustment of the frame overall. Here are some great starting points to sort it out!

Tired Of Thick Heavy Lenses? I've Got a Solution!

You high prescription wearers know exactly what I'm talking about. That pair that comes back super heavy and thick, and you just don't even want to wear them. There are a variety of ways to fix that, from the way the lenses are made, to frame selection. Give this video a watch to learn more!

Mineral Glass Lenses, Sunglasses Are The Best!

Have you heard of mineral lenses? Now you have. Check out this video to learn why they're far superior to most other lenses made today, and why you need them for your sunglasses! 

Vintage Sunglasses and Glasses

Spicy hot hot hot Vintage and retro glasses and sunglasses. Do you love the look of true vintage, or ease into it with modern reproductions? Either way, here's a few ways to get your hands on either!

What Are Anti Reflective Coatings

More importantly, what to avoid.  This video is a quick overview of a common issue that plagues a vast majority of coatings available, and what you can ask for to avoid that!

Fixing Scratched Glasses?

Scratched your glasses and want a DIY repair? Hmmm, not so fast. Give this video a watch first, or risk ruining your glasses for good! There are some tips and a link to another video if you wish to proceed in an emergency or for backup! Enjoy!

Cheap Anti Reflective Coatings? Don't Do it!

Save yourself the misery. Cheap anti reflective coatings are just that, cheap. They are more prone to failures, and don't offer many of the great benefits you want in a quality anti reflective coating. Unless of course, you like replacing glasses all of the time, or seeing through ruined lenses sounds fun. This is definitely a case of cry once, or cry for a long time!

What Are Glasses Made From?

Plants! Well, some are anyways. This video gives a great starting point to what glasses frames are actually made from, and we'll discus some of the pros and cons of each material as well. 

Vuarnet Legend 02 Sunglasses. Building a Legend!

Ever heard of Vuarnet Sunglasses? If not this is the crash course you need to get caught up. Featuring their most iconic Legend 02 frame, as worn by Jean Vuarnet in the 1960 winter olympics! Just a splash of there amazing lens technology is thrown in for good measure! "It's a Vuarnet Day!"